17 September 2006

SO offended...

Wow, some people are touchy. It seems like everyone is too easily offended these days, both in The Job and in real life. We'd a tricky and unpleasant day at work recently and, as is common in such situations, somebody made a very quiet and inappropriate joke. Other people laughed at that joke, partly because it was funny, and - more - to release the tension. Typically a civvy tutted and harumphed [and why is it always a civvy or a vaulting careerist that is the first to "tut" and harumph, usually then to look around to see who had seen them challenge the inappropriate joke?].

Death and viscera are always nasty and usually leave the ghost images in your brain for ever, but what are we supposed to do? Cry and bawl when we have a job to do? Beat our brows and say how sad we are, dwell on things and suffer nightmares at night? Or release some of the tension and have a guilty giggle to shoo off the demons and let us get on with the job until we get to go home and think over what happened, or drink, or perhaps think kindly of, or say prayers for the person we laughed at that day?

But it's easy to get offended and look down on your colleagues from the moral high ground. In the end, it's generally the officers, and not the civvies and vaulting careerists that are still on the crime scene, getting their hands and trousers dirty and trying to keep breathing through their mouths and not their noses.

Likewise the reaction of much of the Muslim community worldwide to the Pope's recent speech. If any of the people complaining about the speech had actually read the full text, they might have seen that it referred to a discourse from centuries ago, that the Pope's debate hinges around faith and compulsion, and he quotes that the originator of the discourse passage that so offended so many who hadn't even read it, did so with "startling brusqueness". He talks about Greek philosophy, the age of reason, and in the end invites an intelligent dialogue between cultures.

Now some people with bigger egos than intellects have decided that in quoting the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Paleologus in a discussion, the Pope is endorsing the Mediaeval view, that he's saying that all Muslims are violent. Now this would not in itself be news, but what have so many undereducated and manipulated Muslims decided to do, presumably to attempt to disprove the violence that the Pope has (not actually) associated with a minority of morons who believe everything they're told about Islam without actually reading the words of their Prophet (or in fact any words that might challenge their closed minds)?

So let me get this straight, you've done all these things in order to prove that you're not violent? Well Gosh, I'm certainly persuaded - what could possibly be more pacifist??! QED mate, QED.

I'd like to suggest to everyone that they learn to shrug, laugh, think, reason, empathise, sympathise and try to understand.

Now Dummies back in prams please, everyone!


Anonymous kris said...

Maybe the mullahs should spend a little MORE time teaching critical thinking- and a little LESS time about bomb making.

Ooh, it's like Alanis- isn't it ironic that people show their offence of being referred to as violent- but kicking off.

Apologise schmollozise- why don't people just grow up.

18 September, 2006 00:10  
Blogger kris said...

OK, Now the Pope HAS apologised and these muppets are STILL whining and rioting about it?

The reason why Muslims want UK Blasphemy laws applied to them is so they can have it in writing that no one can comment on Islam other than Muslims. I say we send the signal that this country DOES believe in the Human Right of Freedom of Speech by Parliament abolishing the blasphemy law for Christians and NOBODY gets any special treatment.

I am really sick of these muppets trying to become the new sherriffs of the thought police.

If you're not happy with what someone says or cartoons they draw, formulate your argument- it seems a little fatuous to be so offended by supposed allegations of being violent by proving the point.

Why oh why does anyone apologise? Ian blair to the Forest Gate Two and now the Pope to Muslims in general. Why pander? Do you really think it's going to spare us a further terrorist plot?

I have to deal with highly offensive shit every day- but you don't see me and my pals on Stokey High Street demanding Muslims heads on a platter.

18 September, 2006 08:18  

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