29 November 2006

Damned if we do...

So the left wing thinks we're all facists, the right wing thinks we're all now tree-huggers. In fact we are even blamed for the media's lack of reporting of a white terrorist cell (allegedly). Can we win? Altogether now with a chorus of, "A policeman's lot is not a happy one (happy one....)"

Quite frankly, I dislike both extremes, which is just as well really given that we aren't allowed to be political and all.

I watched a programme late last night on Channel 5 [no, it wasn't porn] where Donal MacIntyre did a documentary on Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair. At one point, they all visited the former East Germany where Adair met with far-right fascists who had little shrines to him and to his organisation - "C Company" of the UFF - Ulster Freedom Fighters, a loyalist paramilitary leader. Now "Combat 18" is on the rise, apparently, with contacts being forged between hate-groups in Eastern Europe, former East Germany and Poland. And the RUC and UK security services apparently colluded with loyalist terrorists in the 1970s.

So the tangled web of hatred does fascinate me on some horrid, morbid level. I'll try to sum it up:
  • Fascists hate Blacks, Jews, gays, Muslims, Lefties, Catholics, Asians.
  • The UFF are kind of fascists. They carry out "punishment shootings / beatings" to people who commit crime in their area. In fact, a few years ago in Belfast I saw painted in large white letters on a gable wall, "HOUSEBREAKERS WILL BE SHOT". Fairly unequivocal.
  • However the UFF fund terrorism through extortion, protection racketeering and drug running, and terrorism itself is, of course, a criminal offence.
  • The black community [hated by fascists] is alleged to be quite homophobic against gays [also hated by fascists]
  • Muslim community, not happy with the gays. Hated by fascists.
  • Catholics, hate the gays. Not best friends with fascists.
  • Jews, same. 'Nuff said re Fascism.
  • Catholics v Protestants - has run and run in the Auld Sod. Will nobody get tired of it?
  • Belfast Pride - opposed by both Protestants and Catholics
  • Jews versus Muslims - the world's most inane summary of the Middle Eastern "Troubles"
  • Sunni don't like Shia (I once misheard this on the radio as battles between Sonny and Cher groups. Oh, the mental picture! Ho hum)
In fact everyone seems to hate each other but in reality they are all united in one thing - EVERYBODY HATES THE GAYS!! It's almost like they're a uniting force in the world of politics and religion.

This brings me back to my favourite picture of Adair, and the one I'd have in a shrine, if I did such things [which I don't] would be this one. Hard man? Getting his face made up? He's just a big, bullet-headed (in more ways than one), no-necked, terrorist, drug-running, violent, extortionist pussy-cat.

Could he be the new gay icon that unites all the hate-groups? Watch this space . . .


Anonymous Cinnamon said...

I was quite amazed by the many cartoon-vision comments on Iain's page -- I think a lot of people don't realise that others are people too! I was hoping some more folks from the Policeman's blog pick up on this, because the saddest thing about this all is that everyone actually agrees, but violently so, without realising this and so, both sides feel under attack about the same root problem.

Maybe the malaise is that people are no longer curious enough to just ask: Why and how does this work? Can we solve? Instead what we get is an unproductive passive-agressive scene like in a failing marriage. Eww.

I'm half tempted to buy Iain Dale 'Wasting Police Time' -- clearly he hasn't read it, otherwise he'd have known to a) not call the police b) walked down the station on principle to learn the entire process for himself (aka 'field research'). What a wasted opportunity :(
I noticed that you're a Karate fan, here is a link you might enjoy: http://cultivategreatness.com/2006/11/30/what-you-didn%e2%80%99t-know-about-bruce-lee%e2%80%99s-kick-ass-success

30 November, 2006 17:54  
Blogger Annette said...

You will always have the left v the right.If you look back in history it's been that way for years. Hence the voting for which political party you want to lead this country.Sometimes you get the party you want sometimes you don't. That's democracy.
You will always have many other parties who think they can or should rule. It's them you have to be careful about. They usually are dangerous.They wouldn't think twice about bombing who they think should be bombed!But that is not the right way. We will always have these parties.
They believe they are right and will fight for what they believe in.

30 November, 2006 20:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good observations!

09 December, 2006 12:30  

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