01 October 2006

An attack on decency.

Just read via the blog trail that another police blogger, Inspector Gadget, is being threatened by his Complaints department for writing a police blog.

Now, having read a bit of this blog, it is not particularly controversial, is not offensive to anyone, does not keep anyone up at night through its anti-social nature and does not cause staining when spilt on the carpet. It's just one bloke saying, calmly and pleasantly, what he thinks and how the job affects him.

We know that we cannot be too controversial if it brings the force/service into disrepute, cannot really express political opinions (sometimes I'm surprised they actually allow us to vote!), apparently unless we're the Chief Constable/Commissioner and absolutely must not identify any person we work with, arrest, comfort etc. All fair enough. But are we not now allowed to say anything at all, even anonymously, about our job, how we're treated and some of the stupid hoops we've to jump through? We are not talking about issues of National Security here, just bits and bobs from our daily grind.

I would be an utter disgrace if Insp Gagdet were silenced or disciplined as a result of his blog by an overzealous idiot from Complaints who should be flushing out corruption, prejudice, intolerance and bad practice instead of hounding honest officers trying to do their jobs well but occasionally having the gall to talk about it!

I hope for everyone's sakes that Insp G is treated fairly and properly by whatever abject, vaulting careerist that ends up dealing with him.

Sir, if it'll help at all I hereby make you an honorary lesbian - that should give you a little protection at least - and I also banish the ginger eye-browed one from the ginger fraternity/sorority. He should consider himself, henceforth, shunned.
Good luck Sir.


Anonymous Joe Public said...

It's one of the best blogs out there, lets just hope they don't silence him.

02 October, 2006 18:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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