10 May 2008

"They haven't gone away"

With the courts still busy releasing suspected Islamist terrorists (and as a member of the public AND as a police officer, I say thanks very much for that - I'll sleep safer in my bed with these guys who'd like to kill me, my freedom, my lifestyle, my loved ones and my society out and about to continue their plotting) it's important to remember those that went before, the poor neglected terrorists in Northern Ireland / Occupied 6 Counties / Ulster / Thuaisceart Éireann.

Spare a thought for these guys and gals. No longer are they the terroristes du jour seeking and getting attention with their pesky pranks. The Ulster and Irish terrorists used to talk about "legitimate targets" and "collateral damage" but it seems they're now so miffed with the Islamists taking all the media attention that they've started targetting children's toy shops with their incendiary devices.

Yup, I said toy shops.

Now I know fine well that most of these 'incendiaries' are more to do with protection racketeering than politics, religion or belief. However, it still goes on, it's still terrorism, and modern spin post-peace process means that we just don't hear about it here on mainland UK any more.

But be under no illusions, they still haven't gone away.


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12 May, 2008 23:01  
Anonymous Essy said...

Welcome back.

Will you be blogging regularly ? If so you'll have to let the Coppersblog team to move your link back to the active list.

14 May, 2008 12:49  
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